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Unfortunately, due to U.S. laws, we cannot host nor directly link to DVDShrink.
Please use the search below or the links provided to find your own copy.


This site is hosted by   
Lunarpages.com Web Hosting

DVD Shrink v3.1.7DVD Shrink icon
This version lacks help files and is only available in English.

British flag English
DVD Shrink v3.0b5DVD Shrink icon
Although officially a beta release, this version is very stable, and more powerful and flexible than v2.3.
Unfortunately, it lacks help files and is only available in English.

British flag English (dvdshrink.org mirror)
DVD Shrink v1.x / v2.3DVD Shrink icon
These early versions of DVD Shrink are available in several languages.
They can be downloaded from www.dvdshrink.org. (opens a new window)

Dutch flag   British flag    French flag   German flag   Greek flag   Italian flag   Japanese flag   Norvegian flag   Portuguese flag   Slovenian flag   Spanish flag   Swedish flag  
burnatonceburnatonce icon
Please be aware burnatonce does not support DVD+R(W) burning!
Available in several languages, it can be downloaded from www.burnatonce.com. (opens a new window)

DVD DecrypterDVD Decrypter icon
DVD Decrypter latest version can be downloaded from RipHelp.com. (opens a new window)
v3.1.7.0 (compatible with DVDStripper) is available from the DVDRBase forums. (opens a new window)

DVDFab DecrypterDVD Decrypter icon
DVDFab Decrypter can be downloaded from DVDR-Digest.com. (opens a new window)

IfoEditIfoEdit icon
All available versions of IfoEdit can be downloaded from www.mpucoder.com. (opens a new window)
If you intend to use it in conjunction with DVDStripper, please download v0.95.


All the best, and "Happy Shrinking!!" Smilies shrinks a DVD
Denis (a.k.a ddlooping)

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