Chetwood's MultiMakeMKV

MakeMKV batch processing (Win XP-7)


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I've adapted my MultiShrink script to MakeMKV rather than coding a frontend for makemkvcon.exe. That's because a) I still don't know the first thing about programming but also because b) I simply like using GUIs. They help to distinguish between tracks in a way conversion profiles can't, e.g. when sorting out audio description tracks (still, check out the MakeMKV advanced usage forum first).

The problem with MakeMKV's GUI however, is that it's done with the Qt framework whose widgets are not immediately accessible from AutoIt (yet) which is the tool I used to script MultiMakeMKV. Thus it's essential to set things up as explained under usage. What might appear somewhat clumsy at first will become a breeze after a couple of runs.


Install the archive's contents to a directory of your choice (probably not "c:\program files" depending on your Win UAC setting). Start up as many instances of MakeMKV as BDs/DVDs you want to encode in a row. Adjust backup settings in each instance, e.g. titles, streams, stream names, etc. Manually create the output folders in advance and back at the MakeMKV GUI, place the cursor right behind the output folder name.

Once you've done this in all instances, open up MultiMakeMKV, adjust settings and select "Run". MultiMakeMKV will now start the backup process and background to the tray to check every 5 seconds whether the "MakeMKV Beta popup" window exists which indicates that one encode is finished. It will then close it and start the next encode and so on. Once all backups are through, it will terminate itself after having executed any of those actions listed below.


When MakeMKV is done, MultiMakeMKV will perform the following tasks according to the checkboxes ticked:


Latest version can always be found at my homepage, discussion and help at the MakeMKV forums.

Legal stuff

This software is provided 'as is'. I'm not to be held responsible for any damage done to your system or data whatsoever.

This software is Donationware, you can use and distribute it in any way as long as it is accompanied by this unmodified readme and provided you do not charge money for it. However, you are encouraged to donate a small amount of money (say 1 $ or whatever suits you fine) to help make my time spent on this worthwile. Simply click on the Paypal or Flattr button on my download page. Thanks!


This tool was compiled with a completely unmodified version of AutoIt3.

Thanks to ddlooping for hosting my stuff.