Chetwood's MultiShrink 1.4

A small tool to enable DVD Shrink batch processing


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  1. Usage
  2. Limitations
  3. Burning
  4. Settings
  5. Version History
  6. Legal stuff
  7. Credits


Intall the self-extracting rar archive's contents to a directory of your choice. Start up as many instances of DVD Shrink as DVDs you want to encode in a row. Adjust backup settings you're going to use in each instance, e.g. preferred streams, start/end frame, compression, target device, quality settings, etc.

Select 'Backup DVD' and adjust those settings as well: target format, target directory, quality settings and so on. Once you've done this in all instances open up MultiShrink, adjust settings and select 'Run'.

MultiShrink will now start the backup process with the last instance of DVD Shrink that you had opened and background to the tray to check every 60 secs whether the 'Backup Complete' window exists. As soon as it does (which obviously means that Shrink has completed backing up a DVD), this instance of DVD Shrink will be closed and the next one will be starting another backup and so on until all backups are done. Once all backups are through MultiShrink will terminate itself after having executed those actions you checked in the settings.


DVD Shrink does not enable us to call a file from it thus


Since the whole point of MultiShrink is encoding a bunch of DVDs in a row unattendedly, I haven't given too much attention to burning processes, also because I can't foresee other ppl's systems. I suggest you use MultiShrink as intended: shrink as many DVDs to ISO/harddisk folder as your HD can handle and burn them one by one in the background during the next day while working at your computer.

However, in case you still want to burn immediately here is what happens with different 'Select backup target' scenarios: NOTE: According to some users on the DVD Shrink Forums when using the Nero engine DVD Shrink would always burn at max speed. I couldn't verfiy this myself, still you may try on rewritables first.


Enable logging (default)
Creates a 'MultiShrink.log' in the same directory the exe is run from which is updated every time a backup has finished. If the file already exists new entries will be appended to the end of it.

Shutdown computer when done
The computer will be shut down once all instances are done encoding. A small window with a progress bar will pop up offering roughly 60 seconds to cancel the shutdown. No matter what other options are checked, the shutdown routine is the very last function to be executed before terminating the tool.

Delete source dir after encode (no re-authored DVDs!)
Deletes a source dir *every time* an instance has finished encoding. Comes in handy if you use the same HD as source and destination which can quickly eat up disk space when a lot of DVDs are done in a row.

Since the DVD Shrink GUI does offer no way to determine which source directories certain titles are used from, this feature is not available on re-authored DVDs. If your encoding session covers both re-authored and full-disc backups only the latter will be deleted.

CAUTION: Use this feature at your own risk!

Play sound when done
Use the browse button to select any sound you like to hear once all instances are done encoding.

Run program when done
Use the browse button to select any program you would like to run once all instances are done encoding.

Do a NET SEND when done (XP/2K/NT only!)
Uses the Windows Messenger service (not the MSN Messenger!) to send short messages to other users on your LAN which pop up as a small window on the recipient's desktop. Useful if you've got your second machine in the basement doing all the encoding which can notify you of completing it's task.

NOTE: Due to Microsoft's ineptitude the service could be abused by spammers over the internet so in their typical way of dealing with problems they simply disabled it in XP SP2. To enable it check out the Microsoft Knowledgebase for more info.

Save settings (default)
Creates a 'MultiShrink.ini' in the same directory the exe is run from which is updated every time the 'Run' button is clicked.

Version History

1.4 released: 03/30/2005
added: In addition to the english version MultiShrink can now handle the german version of DVD Shrink.
1.3 released: 12/26/2004
fixed: In some not reproducible cases of 'delete source dir after encode' being checked one or more files would be not deleted and thus the source dir not removed. I assume it's similar to the effect one sometimes experiences when installing software. The program's just been installed but the 'setup.exe' cannot be deleted yet cause windows still has got it locked before cleaning it from memory or something. To circumvent this I added a short timed loop for MultiShrink to verify whether all files were deleted or else try again until they were.
added: additional info to the readme to clarify some issues raised on the boards
changed: from Freeware to Donationware to give people an incentive to donate or a bad conscience if they don't ;)
1.2 released: 11/01/2004
added: lots of options to make batch encoding more convenient
changed: name to a less bulky 'MultiShrink'
1.0 released: 09/19/2004

Legal Stuff

This software is provided 'as is'. I'm not to be held responsible for any damage done to your system or data whatsoever.

This software is Donationware, you can use and distribute it in any way as long as it is accompanied by this unmodified readme and provided you do not charge money for it. However you are encouraged to donate a small amount of money (say 1 $ or whatever suits you fine) to help make my time spent on coming up with guides and tools worthwile. Simply click on the Paypal button on my download page. Thanks!


This tool was compiled with a completely unmodified version of AutoIt3.

Many thanks to the cool and helpful members of the AutoIt Forums.

Thanks to dvdshrink for his amazing tool.

Thanks to r0lZ for doing PgcEdit.

Thanks to ddlooping for hosting my stuff at his domain.