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This section contains guides I came up with to enhance the process of ripping DVDs with DVD Shrink. So far there's only one ;) In case you found either tools or guides useful, please consider donating a small amount of money (say 1,- $) so I can spend it on registering software like DVD-lab Pro myself.

Importing selfmade menus to episode DVDs done with DVD Shrink

If you are often reauthoring (i.e. stripping all the menus of) episode DVDs with DVD Shrink you may already be aware of PgcEdit's "DVDShrink Remote Buttons"-macro which uses the title button on your remote to jump between eps. Although this is a sufficient way to navigate a DVD that no longer has a menu you lack info on what eps actually are on a certain DVD.

Instead of using tools like DVDRemake to blank out and relink stuff trying to keep most of the original menu (which can be quite a hassle depending on it's complexity), you can use also PgcEdit to import a selfmade menu to an episode DVD done with DVD Shrink. The practical upshot of which is that you can still reauthor your DVD with DVD Shrink in a fast and convenient way and later add any menu you did with e.g. DVD-lab Pro without having to re-author the whole DVD from scratch (i.e. demuxing to elementary streams, re-authoring in an authoring suite, compiling).

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